Creole roasted button potatoes

Button potatoes
Salt and pepper

Mix the garlic  with butter in a button potatoes
Add vinegar with creole with salt and pepper
Bake the button potatoes to 185c

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Realistic day for culinary art foid chain

The real day for realistic culinart art food made chain,the value of sketching the table dhorte menu for your meal in a day with the skill needed to fulfilled the culinary art food chain homemade,this needed more impact to our home for sake of cooking for an advntage feeling your day calm,line up a culinary art food chain homemade in a day and see how good for you,www.culinary food countin…………..may be you in a day

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Realistic day for culinary art food chain

The real day for realistic where you manage a kitchen table dhorte menu at home to make your calm,welcome for theme needed for day and feel your day marvolous with culinary art chain of food with skill of your creation,be one of them by joining the culinary art homemade foods food,www.culinary food chain,

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Coronation supreme of chicken with vegetables

Supreme of chicken carcass is middle part of chicken where most people love to eat,skinned and boneless needed for a good texture,fresh vegetable for a good  taste and creamy cheese,button mushrooms sliced half for an equal consistency
Fry the olive oil with onions and shallots and mix the carcass chicken with a pinneaple juice for a taste with a curry powder or sauce and chicken veloute let it cooked for heavy smoothy gloosy sauce and mix with a cream to facilitate the smooth gloosy and flavour,garnish with a parsley.sauted with boil vegetable

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World life of culinary

When to be a good chef is a must you consider the quality needed in yourself
  Doing your best
Fulfill your task
Team work
You as a chef must consider
The line we needed in food is a passion is most important for our care must be in your home food is a kindable day of your moods,special for your belove ones,came by writtable books to be the marketable finance in the world where an experience author chef can write down for people to be update in food.lets watch the world life of culinary art,an art of food preparation and cooking,be updated in food

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Creation upon establishments

Creation upon the establishment whom as a professional chef must be in an experience focus for he or her establishment to maintain his own standard of cooking,some of them fail for lack of creation they end up goin to b unsuccesful standard and been in a small rate,special we r goin head to head keepin our recipe same with a same procedure,so some establishment come together and share same recipe for there financial needs,bt financial can be large when aim high for creation of cookin,we can just count the establishment bt lets hope one day we b in other procedure for there own,
All we say cookin is a passion and let it be for your own creation

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