Citrus cake(a mixture of lemon and orange with vineger attached each wth a flavouring content wich is vanilla,mix together with method of cream in,and flour sieved to avoid any mite in it,mix with salt and a hazelnut and almond insde in it,citrus sauce can be a orange sauce for an accompaniment,hopefully you will make your own creativity despite this is mine

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fillet fish crumbs(top crumb with salted inside and spices,eggs and milk, bread crumbs wth flour attached tu form a crumb texture,attached across each other and garnish with parsley to enhanced good eye appeal,ts a versatile food able to accompany by any sauce e.g breadcrumb sauce,production appeal shuld be bake method or dip fry

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Red velvet cake this is a cake with its red flavour and vanilla essence able to support the flavour of the cake but actual citrus ingredients appeal to add the textute of the cake special vinegar n orange juice with its rind,then appeal the cake method by countin in ol the ingredients inside it,decoratin up with meringue,colour scheme looks marvelous always go with ceremonies e.g chrismas eve,wedding,banquet ceremonies

Praline cake ingredients walnuts almond groundnuts vinegar oil margarine flour vanilla essence eggs cherries baking powder sugar and salt Methods 1)brownish the walnuts and almonds,groundnuts 2) add eggs and vinegar to form caramel texture 3)cream in the margarine with sugar 4)whip up eggs to corparate air and form light texture 5)add eggs in the cream in butter and sugar 5)add the sauce of walnuts and almond,groundnuts as a caramel texture 6)add flour with baking powder and vanilla essence and salt )7bake into the oven for 185c 8)garnish with cherries This is a sauce from a walnuts and almond,groundnuts which held to creat a cake the sauce will be the base taste of the cake and This is creation idea from chef mausaah,n vanilla essence should support the taste